[Best 5+] Weird Ways to Make Money Online for Beginners

Hello Friends, I will tell you 5+ weird ways to make money online for beginners. Making money online is becoming increasingly popular. There are many genuine, legit, and freeways on how to make money online for beginners without investment.

From freelancing to becoming an influencer, you can do all sorts of things online that are nicely paid. You can get both active and passive income by working online without paying anything.

Active income is the money earned in exchange for performing a service, like your regular, everyday job.

Passive income means that you do the work once but get regular earnings from it, similar to an investment.

5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online for Beginners

Whatever your ambitions are, Here are 5 easy ways on how to make money online for beginners in 2021.

wierd ways on how to make money online for beginners
Weird Ways on How to Make Money Online for Beginners

These are also the best ways to make money online for beginners, especially for students.

1# FreeLancing

Freelancing is becoming a more and more popular source of active income. In today’s job market, more people decide to earn money online using freelancing in this way.

how to make money on freelancer

It is easy for beginners without much experience to earn as much as 100$ a day or even more, depending on your skills.

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Someone needs a job done, like writing an article or data entry, and posts a project.

You make an offer and bid on this project, explaining what you can do.

If you are chosen, you start working; it is that simple.

There are many websites where you can make money online for beginners by finding a job as a freelancer. One of the first and most popular is Freelancer.

There is also Upwork, Fiverr, or Toptal. All of them are marketplaces of ideas, skills, and talents where anyone can work on what they love.

Even if you don’t have any special skills, you can start earning money as a freelancer.

People often start with bidding on data entry projects.

If you do well, you will start getting more and more projects. This way of making money has many advantages.

It is easy to bid on all kinds of jobs. You can choose what you want to do and become an expert in a specific field.

By working from your home, you can even end up earning up to 1000$ per project.

2# YouTube

A smart way of earning passive income online is on YouTube.

YouTube is one of the easiest and time taking processes to Make Money Online for Beginners especially.

how to make money from youtube in india

1.9 billion users log in to YouTube every month, and 500 hours of videos are uploaded to the site every minute.

Ad revenue is the most obvious way to make money on YouTube. But it’s not the only way.

You can make from $1 to thousands of dollars, depending on your view count.

There is one rule to be aware of. You start earning after your channel reaches 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months.

The highest-paid YouTuber is 7-year-old Ryan, who reviews toys on his YouTube channel and makes $29.4m. Sound like a lucrative job.

There are multiple sources of income on YouTube. Ad revenues, channel memberships, and selling merchandise are all great additional ways of making money.

Don’t hesitate to start earning money on YouTube because you don’t have the best equipment.

Many successful channels on YouTube started by making videos with their phone camera, and now they have millions of subscribers and are earning so much money.

Make a video on what you like to do. If you want to do makeup, you can start reviewing makeup products on YouTube. If you enjoy cooking, start making cooking videos.

Make a few videos, and as you get more views, you will earn more money.

3# Selling Stuff Online

Online shopping is most people’s preferred way of shopping. It is the Quickest way to earn some active income Online because millions of people regularly shop online.

Online shopping is also one of the easiest ways to Make Money Online for beginners, especially for females.

make money by selling online stuff
Make Money by Selling Online Stuff

Many sites provide services for selling your stuff. The Most popular are Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, Bonanza, and Shopify.

Amazon has the benefit that people are already familiar with it, so it is more likely to buy off of them.

Procedures for Amazon and eBay are similar and very simple. You need to join as a seller, link your PayPal account, and sign up for your store.

Many people also use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. They make use of the fact that these platforms have a lot of active users.

You may be inspired to get rid of the stuff you don’t need and earn money at the same time by the story of Dallas Wolford, a 28-year-old that made $2,400 in 4 months by selling things online.

She advises everyone to start selling small stuff like kitchenware or old clothes.

Even though it doesn’t sound like much to earn 6$ for something small, it can add up and lead to an income of 100$ after a couple of weeks.

If you are interested in making money online this way, learn what people purchase online by using the service Google Trends.

This will help you decide what you should sell. People start selling stuff online as a part-time job or even to declutter their homes.

But, it often leads to making a lot of money and becomes their primary source of income.

4# Become an Influencer

Do you already have a few thousand Instagram followers and are slowly climbing the ladder as a social media influencer? Then this is a perfect way for you to make money online for beginners especially.

Instagram is one of the best platforms for this. Many People are Making Money Online Using Instagram, mainly in India. Most people know that influencers earn money from their blogs or social media accounts.

make money online by social media influencer
Make Money Online by Social Media Influencer

It isn’t just a hobby for them, but a way to bring in an income, and for some, it is a full-time job.

One of the simplest ways to do this is affiliate marketing. You, as an influencer, recommend a product or service and earn money when someone makes a purchase using your link.

Creating their products is another way some influencers make money. You can even sell the photographs you took for social media posts if they are of high quality.

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5# Udemy or Coursera

Creating and selling online courses is another great way to make money online for beginners to make passive income.

People are making $30,000 a year on online course marketplaces like Udemy or Coursera.

how to make money online courses
How to Make Money Online Courses

All you need is a computer or laptop, a decent microphone, a screen recording software, and of course, knowledge on the topic you chose, and you are good to go!

You don’t have to be an absolute expert on the topic. It can be your presentation of courses you have bought and consumed.

Go through a couple of courses that interest you, and teach those things you just learnt to other interested people.

If you’re concerned about not having enough expertise for people to buy from you, do not let this stop you from taking action.

What is important is that you present what you have to say interestingly and that people get the sense that you know what you are talking about.

Bonus Tip – Affiliate Marketing

Finally, we have come to the bonus part, which is Affiliate Marketing.

how to earn money by affiliate marketing starting from scratch for beginners
Affiliate Marketing

Many people are making money through affiliate marketing. I am one of those people. If you want to know my secret tips on how to earn money by affiliate marketing starting from scratch for beginners, then these points are for you!

Firstly, create your account or a specific Niche type account on all social media platforms available and more famous in today’s market like Instagram, Quora, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

Make sure to connect with the audience and try to be more Engaged with your followers as they play a crucial role in your earnings.

Start creating a ClickBank Account and Select which product you want to promote, like Pet Products, Weight Loss Products, Gaming Products, Courses, Digital Products, etc.

Now, start creating Posts and Videos on those platforms describing your product and mentioning its advantages and uses.

Finally, depending on your Creative Content and Engagement with the audience, you can earn by gaining Extra Commission.

This is the best online income for beginners.

If you want to know more about Affiliate Marketing, then comment down below. I can give a Fully described content on Affiliate Marketing.

These are the 5+ weird ways of making money online for beginners.


What are the Real ways to Make Money from Home?

1. Start selling stuff on Facebook, Instagram, or Amazon Marketplace.
2. Create a Youtube channel and Start giving value to your Subscribers by making Creative Videos.
3. Create a Blog or a Website and apply it to Google Adsense.
4. Create your page on Instagram and Start earning using ShoutOuts.
5. Start Affiliate Marketing.
6. Sell Freelance services on Fiverr or Truelancer.

What are the ways for females to Make Money Online?

1. Start a YouTube Channel based on Cooking, Fashion, Beauty, and Diet tips.
2. Selling Handmade products on Facebook and Instagram Marketplace.
3. Start an Online Business on Meesho Platform.
4. Start a Fashion Blog or a Beauty tips Blog.
5. Become an Online Tutor.
6. Start Digital Marketing using Weight Loss Products.

What are the Ways to Make Money Online as a College Student?

1. Become an Online Tutor.
2. Do Content Writing Services on Fiverr or Upwork.
3. Start Affiliate Marketing or Digital Marketing.
4. Start a YouTube Channel.
5. Become a Social Media Influencer.Start Graphic Designing Services.
6. Selling Online Stuff on Facebook or Instagram.
7. Start a Blog.


Finally, you have reached to the conclusion part on how to make money online for beginners especially. I hope you’ve loved the article.

If you are interested in earning money online, let us know in the comments section below, and we will share with you five more easy ways of making money online.

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