[Top 15+] Best PC Games under 1GB Size for Low-End PCs

Gaming is absolute fun, and everyone enjoys it. When it comes to PC gaming, the main problem is the storage and the data. The high-quality PC games come with at least 20GB. Downloading that big-sized game requires a lot of data.

In this modern world, most games released on the market are highly intense graphics and larger. But, due to these high-end graphics games, our computer might work slowly due to the absence of a graphics card or a low-end pc.

The smaller games have simple graphics, run smoother on low-end pc, have simple gameplay, and have easy controls.

If you are looking for the best PC Games under 1GB Size, this post is for you!

We have checked these games under various parameters such as compatibility, size, RAM size, graphics, performance, and popularity. Whether you are looking for the best pc games for girls or boys, we have covered games of interest here.

These games do not require huge storage space in your computer, and your computer runs smoother without lag.

End your continuous research on the web for the top PC games that take up less than 20GB. So, let’s get Started!

The Best 5+ PC Games That are Available for Less than 1GB

Here we have a bunch of handpicked best PC games under 1GB. The following list is of the top PC games under 1GB size.

These games with less than 1GB size are not only low MB but also high-quality games.

Best PC Games under 1GB Size for Low End PCs
Best PC Games under 1GB Size for Low-End PCs

You can choose the following and download your favorite game.

  1. GTA Vice City
  2. Total Overdose
  3. Limbo
  4. Stardew Valley
  5. Max Payne
  6. Terraria

There are many other games other than these that require a lit bit of graphics like Valorant, DA Hood, and many more. Valorant is my favorite game and you can also look for games like Valorant on mobile.

GTA Vice City

It is pretty unlikely that you are unfamiliar with the GTA. GTA vice city is the most popular game of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Series.

How many of you like open-world games? It is an open-world game with a huge fan following. So many people like this game, and today many successors of this game are loved by many people.

This story revolves around the criminal world. The main character wants to join the mafia gang and conquer the city. The fact that the game takes place in an open-world environment is easily the most appealing aspect of it.

This game has everything like weapons and vehicles, earning money by completing simple tasks, unlocking new outfits and safe houses, and buying new homes. You can even cause chaos and make cops run to catch you.

The world works like the real world. There are beaches, secret places, highways, buildings, etc.

You may interact with others in the game and do many different things in GTA Vice City.

Rockstar Games developed this game and is entirely based in Miami City in the US state of Florida. The main character in the game is Tommy Vercetti, an escaped prisoner trapped in a drug deal.

GTA Vice City has a perfect storyline and would make you engage in knowing the whole story. Even the game’s graphics are too good as it gives you a natural feel of an open world.

This game is so popular that many children used to play it on cybercafes, computers, etc. I have played it many times, and I am sure you will love it too.

GTA Vice City is one of the best options if you are looking for open-world games under 1GB.

GameGTA Vice City
TypeOpen World
Free Disk Space1GB
Latest Version Release Date29th October 2022
GenreOpen World, Action – Adventure

Total Overdose

Open-world video game company Sci Games is the publisher of Total Overdose, created by Deadline Games.

The game is Mexico based, and it is a good mix of drama, story, and fun enriched by exciting background music and graphics. Total Overdose can be a perfect treat if you are looking for open-world games under 1 GB.

The characters are typical Mexican gangsters, and the world works very realistically.

There are missions you must complete, and you can also explore the world for as long as you want. Total Overdose is similar to Grand Theft Auto, yet it is still GTA at its core.

GameTotal Overdose
TypeOpen World, Shooting
Free Disk Space2 GB
Size309.28 MB


Limbo is a trendy low MB best game under 1 GB for pc.

Limbo is the perfect game for you if you like arcade games that include a part of the adventure.

The video game Limbo tells the story of a boy aimed at finding his sister.

The atmosphere is gloomy, and the young man has challenges to overcome.

The controls can make the boy move forward and backward. You can do actions such as climb, jump up and move down. There are animals in the way.

While crossing all these obstacles, you have to reach your destination. The puzzles make it more engaging.

Free Disk Space150 MB
Size150 MB

If you are playing PUBG on mobile, look for PUBG Sensitivity settings without a gyroscope.

Stardew Valley

If you are looking for the best simulation games for low-end pc, then the Stardew Valley game can be your choice. Stardew Valley is a farming simulator RPG game compatible with PC and one of the low MB best games under 1GB for PC.

It does not stress your graphic card as it comes in pixelated graphics. It can be the best option for those who love farming and agriculture games.

In the Stardew Valley game, you can perform several tasks and grow your farm.

Also, you can have a multiplayer mode where all your friends can grow farms together.

GameStardew Valley
TypeFarming Simulation
Free Disk Space500 MB
Size500 MB

Max Payne

Max Payne is a third-person shooting game with a storyline. It has been a top-rated and revolutionary game in this category.

The story is all about the revenge of the main character. The wife and daughter of Max have been killed, and he is searching for the culprit. In finding the culprit, the character has to shoot out to handle the situation.

Part 2 and Part 3 are also available, but if we talk about the best games for laptops under 1 GB ram, then the first part of Max Payne is a perfect choice.

You will not regret downloading this best shooting pc game under 1 GB.

GameMax Payne
TypeThird-Person Shooting
Free Disk Space1 GB
SizeMinimum – 530 MB and Maximum – 830 MB (Full Install)


If you are a fan of games like Minecraft, Terraria will be the best low MB pc game for you under 1 GB.

Terraria comes with 2D graphics which combine adventure, craft, combat, etc., in a very engaging way.

Here you can build your city. You can craft and destroy things.

The battle gives you another level of excitement. If you want a 2D survival game under 1 GB, the Terraria game is one of the best options.

TypeAction, Adventure
Free Disk Space200 MB
Size200 MB


What is the highest GB game on the pc?

The highest GB game on the PC is Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – 250 GB. This game comes with high-quality graphics.

What is the size of the GTA Vice City PC game?

The size of the GTA Vice Computer game is around 1GB on the hard disk. There are various compressed games available for PC occupying around 500 MB.


This list of games under 1 GB will be helpful to you. These highly compressed pc games under 1 GB are fun to play. Be sure to download those games and enjoy your favorite game.

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